Legal Advice

Foreign Investment

Lawyers at Guzmán Ariza have a unique experience helping foreign investors doing business or direct investments in the Dominican Republic.

The team has a deep knowledge of the legal framework of the country and a vast experience in representing foreign investors interests before the governments and local authorities. From highly and complex regulated sectors, such as energy, finance and insurance markets, to agricultural and tourism projects, our team of lawyers has been providing for years top legal support to foreign investors.

The firm focuses on minimize potential liabilities and help the clients with smooth transactions. Guzmán Ariza can provide experienced counsel guiding your company through the process of investing in unfamiliar jurisdictions helping the clients understand the laws of business and cultural sensitivities. Our attorneys can provide experienced, creative, and coordinated advice as your company pursues foreign direct investment.

Areas of focus

Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures
Regulatory approvals
Compliance with foreign investment laws
Tax structures of transactions and partnerships
Due diligence of local partners
Government Relations

Legal Guide to Investing in the Dominican Republic

Guzmán Ariza is pleased to offer this legal guide to international investors and law firms interested in the business opportunities present in the Dominican Republic.

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